Q:  What will I get if I purchase a listing?
30 DIFFERENT LAW FIRM LISTINGS AND A WEBPAGE - with updatable information.
- 5 cities each with: 5 practice areas and the ALL ATTORNEYS area.
- an updatable webpage with a 1,000 character space where you can write your own advertising!
Q:  Explain the 30 different city listings...
Upon signup, you will choose up to 5 cities and up to 5 practice areas.
In each of the five cities you will be listed in the five practice areas and in the ALL ATTORNEYS group for a total of 5 x 6 = 30 listings.
Q:  What information will a city listing provide?
A city listing will provide the name of your law firm (which is linked to your webpage) your address, phone and fax.
Q:  What is the updatable webpage?
The updatable webpage, kept on our servers, will display all the information of a city listing, as well as:
- a link to your website if you have one;
- a list of the five cities in which you choose to be listed;
- a list of the 5 practice areas you selected; and
- a 1,000 character section where you are able to write your own advertising.
Q:  What do you mean, the information is updatable?
During registration, you will select a password. With this password, and your email account, you can login to your account.
Login any time and change what you have written in the 1,000 character space!
You can write about current legal events. Later change it and write about your latest big lawsuit.
You can even write about the special hours you will keep during the holidays!
This can be done on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis...its up to you!
Q:  What about the other information? My phone number, firm name...can I change it too?
Yes!...is there a new partner and the firm name has changed?...you can change it!
Have you changed your address or phone number?...you can change it!
Have you changed your areas of practice?...you can change them!
You can change everything but your 5 selected cities.
And remember, you have a 1,000 character space, where you can write what you want when you want - keep it as current as you want.
Q:  What will Attorney-Directory-Online.com do for me and my law practice?
A listing on Attorney-Directory-Online.com will put you and your law practice online where millions of eyeballs search the internet.
As per Overture, in February of 2006, there were more than 3,430,000 online searches for the search terms LAWYER and ATTORNEY
Keep in mind there are many other searches too, such as criminal defense attorney (101,964) personal injury lawyer (98,131) personal injury attorney (90,372) tax attorney (66,467) and divorce lawyer (64,369)
Q:  Is Attorney-Directory-Online.com listed in the major search engines?
Yes - as of July 2006, we are listed in:
Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Lycos, Netscape, Alexa, AltaVista, HotBot, AllTheWeb, Search, Gigablast and HomePageSeek
We are also listed in the Hispanic/Spanish language search engines:
Google en Espanol, Yahoo en Espanol, MSN Latino, AOL Espanol, Vivisimo, Buscador and Telepolis
Q:  How do I sign up?
Click on the Signup link. Agree to our General Terms and Conditions, and click the submit button. You will be prompted to enter your law practice information, the cities you wish to be listed in, and your practice areas. Click the submit button again. Upon review, we will temporarily ok your listing while we contact your for payment information. Upon successful payment your listing will be permanent for the paid listing period.
Q:  I do not see my city listed.
Cities are only listed when an attorney has paid for a listing. Upon successful payment, your city will automatically be added to our database if it is not already there.
Q:  Can I purchase more than one listing package?
Yes, you can purchase as many listing packages as you want. There are so many people using the internet - it makes sense to list in all cities in which you practice and in all your practice areas. To list in more than 5 cities, the system will require you use a different email address each time you enroll. Or you can email your request to AttorneyDirectoryOnline.com
Q:  I don't have a website...
If you don't have a website and would like one, we will gladly design one for you. We have a team of professional website designers who would be glad to design a website for you.